123RPO, an idea is re-born!

In 2009 Mint Business solutions based in Reston, Virginia and Cochin, India began assisting North American clients source, screen, recruit, onboard and outplace technical staff.

Over time as our client list grew, the depth of our HR consultancy with our clients increased. With this increased depth came a fuller understanding of the challenges faced by clients searching for the best technical talent in the US. Our systems grew, our network grew, and our knowledge base grew.

By 2012 “business solutions” just didn’t ring true anymore. We had become a full service HR consultancy specializing the effective outsourcing of all the elements of the recruitment process. It was time to re-focus how we thought about ourselves and how we communicated our value to our clients and stakeholders.

123RPO is what we are. RPO is what we do! Through our offices in the US and India we provide sourcing, screening, recruitment, on-boarding and outplacement services in the most cost efficient ways possible. We can create a shortlist of local, qualified candidates for a single position or provide a complete diversified team of HR professionals to act as a full time resource for an entire organization.

At 123RPO we can vastly simplify and greatly reduce the cost of managing your organization’s Human Capital. If you want to take the guess work out of finding, attracting and retaining the best fit staff for your organization, then give us a try – for FREE – http://www.123RPO.com